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So Where is the Best Place to Purchase?

picture of actual Seresto flea and tick collarAre you looking for the easiest way to buy a Bayer Seresto flea and tick collar cheap on the internet? Well no worries; your search is through!

I went through the exact same process recently, and scoured the net for different online websites offering Bayer Seresto collars. I also checked out many of my local veterinary clinics along with the local stores, searching for the best place to get a good deal.

Having done my due diligence, I can safely say that the best deal I could find is to purchase at the online shop I recommend; they had the best price, as well as good customer service, etc.

The remainder of this article talks about my experience buying this popular collar from my trusted store. If you don’t feel like reading through all that and just get straight to the “saving money” part, I understand and won’t take it personally. Just click the link right below, or to the right, and you can go straight to the store where I buy Seresto collars and well as other pet needs.

Shop here to save big

My Review – The Best Place to Buy Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collars

When making purchases over the internet, it’s usually a good idea to be careful. There are many, many sites that sell various things, and not all of them are reputable! I know there have been many times when I’ve been on the hunt to get some savings for products such as Seresto dog collars, and I remember thinking, “man…I wish someone had already done all of this boring work already, and just TOLD me where to go!”.

Save lots of money by shopping around!And sometimes (though rarely) you’ll actually come across someone’s recommendation, and it’s a huge help! Well, in honor of those that have helped me before, I decided to “pass it on” and do some heavy lifting for a change. That’s why I posted this webpage, to hopefully help out others to get some good savings on a Seresto collar for their pet!

Gotta pass on the good karma, ya know?? 🙂

Anyway, let’s get into a little info about the vendor,

About my Favorite New Pet Supply Vendor

This is just a great place to shop at! I’ve been buying pet flea products here for a while now.

I’m sure you noticed that the prices are amazing (which is why I started shopping here). 😉 You don’t even need a seresto coupon for the big savings.

Actually…you’re probably wondering WHY the prices are so good. That’s a good question, and a simple one to answer!

The prices are low because the company is based out of the US. They are overseas, where the same products that you pay so much money for in the United States, sells for much less in other countries. It actually makes me a little upset to know that being a US citizen means getting screwed over when you buy locally….but anyway….moving on….

They also offer excellent customer service  via email (they don’t do telephone customer service in order to keep costs down and pass on the savings). I always get a response within 24 hours if I have a question.

Shipping is also a good bit faster than you might think as well, being from another country (more on that in a minute)

Are there any downsides?

Slightly longer deliver timesTo expand on the last sentence in the last section, yes, there is one potential downside. Though it doesn’t bother me at all.

Because they are located outside the US, receiving your order can take a little longer than if you had ordered from a local company. But really it hasn’t ever been a problem for me, as long as you have a set expectation upfront. Orders seem to take roughly 8-14 days, which isn’t that bad really. You just have to remember to order a little bit ahead of time. And the savings are MORE than worth the small incovenience of remembering to order a little bit earlier than you normally would.

Final Verdict

As I’m sure you figured out by now, I am All About saving money when I can and where I can. We love our pets, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t shop around for a good deal for the products and items they need, just like we do for ourselves!

Bottom line…if you want to save a good bit of money on Seresto flea and tick collars (or any other products they offer), this is who you want to buy from. Good customer service, easy to navigate website, etc….you can’t lose!

Shop here to save big